Africa Adventure Safaris

Africa Adventure Safaris Ltd is a safari and travel Company, a member to the Association Of Uganda Tour Operators (AUTO) offering exciting trips into the deep wilderness of Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Congo (DRC), Kenya and Tanzania in Eastern and Central Africa.

We are a dynamic group of Africans, who are passionate about our countries, and all we have to offer. With a long hands-on experience in organizing wildlife and hospitality tours, we pride in a unique ability to handle your African safari holiday. We offer the discerning tourist the ideal game viewing experience, from a selection of East Africa’s most yearned-for wildlife destinations. Our itineraries are tailored with you, the client being the major determinant.

To offer the most exciting and memorable safari experience to our client’s expectations and beyond, at highly competitive rates without compromising our standards.

Our Vision

‘To be the Africa market leader in delivery of world-class Tours & Travel services’

Our Values

  • High quality and  personalized services to all our clients.

  • Prompt response  upon receiving your correspondence.

  • Offering  options and solutions to our clients’ requirements.

  • Employing the  best and well-trained staff handling safaris with professionalism, efficiency  and effectiveness.

  • Exhibiting the  highest level of honesty, trust and integrity in service delivery.

  • A resolve to  preserve our environment and promoting our diverse cultural values and  traditions.

We never get tired of  listening to your requirements and are always there for you whenever you need  us.

We are proud to work with

As a strong advocate of conservation and professionalism, Africa Adventure Safaris holds membership in several organizations which strive to promote tourism development in Uganda, Rwanda, Congo and Africa in general. Africa Adventure Safaris has worked with the following associations and partners.


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